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Simple Selected Verb: Writing


Let us learn few more verbs in this section. Likhati (लिखति), likhasi (लिखसि) and likhaami (लिखामि) mean 'writing'. Likhati (लिखति) is used along with the third person singular forms, where as likhasi (लिखसि) is used with the second person singular form and likhaami (लिखामि) is the form of the verb that is used along with the first person singular form.


Word Pronunciation Meaning (In that order)

Philosophy 1.0

This lesson starts with two lines written in Sanskrit followed by the audio of the same. Click audio in order to hear it. Then follows the meaning of the same along with the keywords included. Feel free to ask questions in comments.

श्वः इति एतत् दिनं पुनः श्वः आगच्छति। तथैव पुनः पुनः आगच्छन् भवति। तदर्थं चिन्तां न कुर्वन्तु। परन्तु अद्य इत्येतत् दिनं अद्य केवलं भवति। अतः अद्यतनदिनं सम्यक् उपयोगं कुर्वन्तु।

Audio: Read the whole sentence above. Then pronounce Key words and their meaning in audio.


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