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About us


My name is Vidyadhar Bhat and I run this website. I am a Sanskrit scholar and teacher who has learnt and taught Sanskrit in traditional gurukula and mainstream schools for several years. I run this website to spread my love of the language worldwide. I believe the worldwide web and associated technological progress would enable an ancient language like Sanskrit to spread its wings.

I currently live in a village in India, amidst a greenery and tranquility which enables me to do what I am doing. I hope you like this website, have learnt Sanskrit and have grown to appreciate its beauty. If you think the site has benefited you, I would welcome your comments and suggestions and words of appreciation. That would certainly encourage us to do better!

Thank you so much for all the people who have contacted us and encouraged us shown lot of interest in learning Sanskrit through us. Thank you for your kind words and for your interest in learning the language.

We are currently growing our team and designing many different courses and totally into developing a beautiful online-platform where you can learn Sanskrit in a organized and convenient way.

There are many Free Lessons  on this website, go and explore them! And there are specially designed Taught courses, go and enroll for them if you like.

We are working on many interesting things! Keep your fingers crossed! There are many more interesting courses coming!

Feel free to me at for any comments, feedback, suggestions and general queries you might have.