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Welcome to Learn Sanskrit Online, the best place to learn Sanskrit online.

My name is Vidyadhar, and I am happy to teach Sanskrit to you! Coincidntly, my name literally means the one who gives the education! Let's see how well that holds!

The site is fun, informal and with audio resources for all beginners lessons, you should be able to make basic conversation in Sanskrit with only a few hours of learning. What more, all the beginners' lessons are free! The online course is designed to jump start everyone (including total strangers to the language) and get them speaking within a few of lessons. With the course being online, you can proceed at a pace that is comfortable to you and repeat lessons as many times as you want, until you feel confident.

I have a masters in Sanskrit and have been teaching Sanskrit in schools and Gurukulas for several years. You can learn more about me on this page. I believe that learning of a new language can be a very enjoyable experience. I hope after going through the lessons on this website, you will agree with me.

To begin, just go to the Free Lessons page and start with the introduction. You can then navigate to consecutive lessons and learn at your pace.

Further, there are few taught courses which are designed for the beginners in an organized way and a multilingual Sanskrit Scholar from our team would be teaching you the curriculum through weekly online classes. You will be given access to the study material specially designed for specific course, for your practice, along with online classes. You can view currently available Taught courses here, and please note that taught courses are paid courses.

If you need some help or have a comment or a suggestion, please feel free to contact me through email OR


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