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Fun Classes


Hey there!


We know many of you are taking good advantages of few pages, especially telling time in Sanskrit and number parts. We really are glad that those pages are helping you in your home work task!


Yet, as opposed to copying something, if you would like to learn some fun stuffs in Sanskrit and make Sanskrit really easy for you, please be aware that we are offering very interesting "Have Fun with Sanskrit classes" for you!


It will have 'story-reading' and 'playing-games' and 'making-simple-funny-conversations' for example! Yes, all in Sanskrit! All in all, just for fun!


What you would like to have in these classes? Leave your comments/ 


And, let us make it happen for you.


Tuition Classes


We are offering tuition classes for students to help them score high in their exams.

If you are interested in taking tuition classes, write to us!

Please tell us about your syllabus and sections that you are interested in taking the tuition, while approaching us.

Good luck!
Team Learn Sanskrit Online