Sanskrit Numbers From 81 to 100


Last twenty numbers before we reach one hundred. We know that Eighty is ekaasheetihi and it is all about just adding the prefixes.


81. Eighty one एकाशीतिः (ekaasheetihi)


82. Eighty two द्व्यशीतिः (dvyasheetihi)


83. Eighty three त्र्यशीतिः (tryasheetihi)


84. Eighty four चतुरशीतिः (chaturasheetihi)


85. Eighty five पञ्चाशीतिः (panchaasheetihi)


86. Eighty six षडशीतिः (shadasheetihi)


87. Eighty seven सप्ताशीतिः (saptaasheetihi) 


88. Eighty eight अष्टाशीतिः (ashtaasheetihi) 


89. Eighty nine नवाशीतिः (navaasheetihi)


90. Ninety नवतिः (navatihi)



And here! Ninety is navatihi and we keep adding the prefixes till hundred. 



91. Ninety one एकनवतिः (ekanavatihi)


92. Ninety two द्विनवतिः (dvinavatihi)


93. Ninety three त्रिनवतिः (trinavatihi) 


94. Ninety four चतुर्नवतिः (chaturnavatihi)


95. Ninety five पञ्चनवतिः (panchanavatihi)


96. Ninety six षण्णवतिः (shannavatihi)


97. Ninety seven सप्तनवतिः (saptanavatihi) 


98. Ninety eight अष्टनवतिः (ashtanavatihi)


99. Ninety nine नवनवतिः (navanavatihi)


100. A hundred शतम् (shatam)



Alright now you know how to count numbers in Sanskrit. By the way, a thousand is eka sahasram



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Hindi is different with lots of similarities. Malayalam is so similar to Samskrit with entirely different alphabets, 

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Iam searching sanskrit numbers up to 60 -100 for many skt books,but i got it very fast
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Sanskrit higher number count

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