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My name is...


My name is Alex. That can be translated in Sanskrit to mama naama alexaha (मम नाम अलेक्षः).


My name is Sita. That would be in Sanskrit. mama naama seetaa (मम नाम सीता).


If you want to ask 'what is your name' to Alex, that would be bhavataha naama kim? (भवतः नाम किम्)? the word bhavataha (भवतः) means 'your' in masculine form and the word kim (किम्) means 'what'. Similarly when you ask 'what is your name' to Sita, that would be bhavatyaaha naama kim? (भवत्याः नाम किम्)? bhavatyaaha (भवत्याः) means 'your' in feminine form.


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Hello i may get a tattoo with my name in sanskrit pronouned Sha-nay and my fiances which is Romulus ... Rom-u-lus

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Please tell me how to say my name in sanskrit, my name is Shalonda and will you tell me what it means in sanskrit.

Thank you in advance for your help. Have great day.

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I’m wondering how to translate, “To your lotus feet, I bow”
If the subject is feminine, then I guess it’s feminine, dual (two feet), locative, but I don’t know how to make it correctly.

Thank you

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My father's name is Jayaraj. Sanskrit writing please
My name is Kanga devi. Sanskrit writing please

*Looking to get a tattoo soon, please help out*

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