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Beginners 101: Sanskrit through English ( Course Code: B101E)

Guest (not verified) Sun, 06/09/2013 - 20:01

Dear one, Dhanyavaad Ji . This Course has been Taught in the Modern Practical Way. Thank you Ji.

Guest (not verified) Wed, 08/26/2020 - 21:29

I love this site from my heart. Because, day by day I am learning Sanskrit though this site. Thank you very much.

Guest (not verified) Tue, 10/13/2020 - 13:41

This site make easier to learn sanskrit and i wish that this site is very very useful. Thanks for such excellent service.

Beginners course is for you if you would like to learn basic Sanskrit through a methodically designed course.

We provide the practice material specially designed for beginners, for the self study purpose. To top with that there will be a online weekly Skype class of 45 minutes.

Details of the Course:

Part 1: Total number of online classes : 6 ((Duration of each class 50 minutes to 1 Hour.)

1. Introduction to Sanskrit letters. (Reference:
This lesson introduces the Devanagari scripts. Introduces Swara, Vyanjana, Alpaprana and Mahaprana etc. By the end of this lesson you will learn to read the words in Sanskrit. At least two weeks before the course starts, students will receive the material related to this lesson. This lesson requires a lot of self study from students' side. Students will be given few exercises during the the telephonic lesson. If student already knows how to write and read in Sanskrit, this lesson is will be covered quickly with exercises.


Part 2: Total number of online classes : 12 (Duration of each class 45 minutes)


2. Namapada ( Reference:
Introduction to Nouns in Sanskrit. Few examples of nouns. By the end of this lesson looking at the non forms you will be able to recognize masculine, feminine and neuter nouns. You will also be introduced to Numbers in Sanskrit. Course material should help students to self study numbers in Sanskrit after the lesson.

3. Vibhakti and Vachanani (Namapada continued)
Few more examples of simple nouns that can be used in day-to-day conversations. Introduction to Vibhakti, Ekavachana, Dvivachana and Bahuvachana. Selected examples that would enable student to understand the concepts easily.

4. Kriyapada  (Reference:
Introduction to Sanskrit verbs. Examples of simple day-to-day usable verbs. Introduction to tenses and few examples of tenses to give the big picture.

5. Tenses ( Kriyapada continued)
Object is to understand different tenses and changing forms for verbs. Selected few verbs and the examples of variation of the verb forms in different persons and singular-plural forms.

6. Sandhee
Introduction to Sandhee. Many examples of making a complex words by using simple words. Introduction to different kinds of Sandhee. Few examples and rules governing each Sandhee.

7. Samasa (Reference:
Importance of Samasa. How is it different from Sandhee. Concepts of different Samasa and rules governing each Samasa. Few selected words from Veda/Upanishat as examples.

8. Simple Sentences
Construction of simple sentences.Things to remember while constructing a sentence in Sanskrit.

9. Simple Conversation
Encourage student to make simple conversations, and prove student's ability to make simple sentences. Conversations can be ad hoc and in the first instances and it is really important to make things wrong and know why it is wrong. The theme of this class is to give confidence to student to make simple conversations.

10. Exercises
Exercises based on what student has learned so far. The exercises will be graded(A, B and C) and student is free to opt out this! At the end of the class few words will be introduced to increase student's vocabulary in Sanskrit.

Beginners 101: Sanskrit through English ( Course Code: B 101E)
Course Code: B 101E
Prerequisites : none
Language of Instruction : English
To Enroll for this taught course: contact us Email: vidyadhar [at] with Course Code in Subject line.