Simple Selected Verb: Sitting

In this section we learn the verbs upavishati (उपविशति), upavishasi (उपविशसि) and upavishaami (उपविश्शामि). upavishati (उपविशति) means 'sitting'. The verb upavishati (उपविशति) is used with third person singular forms. Upavishsi (उपविशसि) is used with the second person singular form and the verb upavishaami (उपविशामि) is used with first person singular form.


Word Pronunciation Meaning (In that order)

उपविशति Upavishati Sitting (He/She)

उपविशसि Upavishasi Sitting (You)

उपविशामि Upavishaami Sitting (I)



एषः उपविशति। Eshaha upavishati. (He is sitting)

त्वम् उपविशसि। Tvam upavishasi. (You are sitting)

अहम् उपविशामि। Aham upavishaami. (I am sitting)


sir i wanted to know what

sir i wanted to know what will be for 'she is sitting' and why eshaha is used in place of saha for 'he' in 'he is sitting'

esaha is also for "he" while

esaha is also for "he" while esha is for "she"
saha is also "he"

she is sitting= esha upavishathi


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Thanks for clarification

Thanks for clarification

Siddarth Laxminarayanan