Simple Selected Verb: Playing


This section introduces the verbs kreedati (क्रीडति), kreedasi (क्रीडसि) and kreedaami (क्रीडामि). Kreedati (क्रीडति) means 'playing'. Again, the verb kreedati (क्रीडति) is used along with the pronoun 'he' or 'she'. 'He is playing' means saha kreedati (सः क्रीडति). Kreedaami (क्रिडामि) is used with the first person singular. The word kreedasi (क्रीडसि) is used with the second person singular.


Word  Pronounciation Meaning (In that order)

क्रीडति  kreedati Playing (He/She)

क्रीडामि kreedaami Playing (I)

क्रीडसि kreedasi Playing (You)



सीता क्रीडति। Seetaa kreedati. (Seetaa is playing)

अहं क्रीडामि। Aham kreedaami. ( I am playing)

त्वं क्रीडसि। Tvam kreedasi. (You are playing)