Why learn Sanskrit?

There are several reasons why you should learn Sanskrit. Some serious and some not so much. But I would say you should learns Sanskrit because it is so much fun!

Apart from the fun, learning Sanskrit can also help you understand the etymology of a lot of words in Indian and non-Indian languages. It would also help you understand ancient Sanskrit texts, shlokas and other Sanskrit words in their true context, with nothing getting lost in translation.

Sanskrit is also a very systematic and syntactic language and the grammar of the language servers as a master template for most Indian (and a few European) languages.


Sanskrit is the mother of all

Sanskrit is the mother of all languages of the world.It is scientifically proven fact.In big universities of the world it is a most researched language.It is almost a knowledge data-bank of every facet and every descipline of mankind.So it is a need of the hour is that one must learn completely the language as a proud Indian language.No any language in the world is so beautiful,complete and so rich like this one.Indian educational system must focus on creating maximum number of Sanskrit scholars and experts.Every citizen should become Sanskrit proficient.


sanskrit learning made a passion

My love to sanskrit learning is very old but never got free to learn that. Now I take the liberty to be free to understand the epics on my own. If possible..

Why Learn Sanskrit

i agree; the syntac rules can be structured wonderfully into computer version with every logic in declensions making it possible for translating into computer language with much ease.