Sanskrit alphabet


(a)  (aa)  इ(i)  (ee)  (u)  ऊ(oo)  ऋ(r)  ॠ(r)  लृ(lr)  ए(e)  ऐ(ai)  ओ(o)  औ(au)



Anuswaara and Visarga

अं(am)  अः(aha)



(ka)  ख(kha)  ग(ga)  घ(gha)  ङ(nga)


(cha)  छ(chha)  ज(ja)  झ(jha)  ञ(nja)


(ta)  ठ(tha)  ड(da)  ढ(dha) (na)


(ta)  थ(tha)  द(da)  ध(dha)  न(na)


(pa) (pha) (ba) (bha) (ma)


(ya)  र(ra)  ल(la)  व(va)  श(sha)  ष(sha)      (sh)  ह(ha)


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Sanskrit alphabet in IAST Scheme

Sanskrit alphabet
a(a) ā(aa) i(i) ī(ee) u(u) ū(oo) ṛ(r) ṝ(r) lṛ(lr) e(e) ai(ai) o(o) au(au)

Anuswaara and Visarga
aṁ(am) aḥ(aha)

ka(ka) kha(kha) ga(ga) gha(gha) ṅa(nga)

ca(cha) cha(chha) ja(ja) jha(jha) ña(nja)

ṭa(ta) ṭha(tha) ḍa(da) ḍha(dha) ṇa(na)

ta(ta) tha(tha) da(da) dha(dha) na(na)

pa(pa) pha(pha) ba(ba) bha(bha) ma(ma)

ya(ya) ra(ra) la(la) va(va) śa(sha) ṣa(sha) sa(sh) ha(ha)


अविद्यया मृत्युं तीर्त्वा विद्ययामृतमश्नुते l

S Shivaprasad

How to pronounce the letter लृ(lr)

HI I am Hariprasad from today I am just trying to learn sanskrit through this tool I got struck with this लृ(lr) letter can you please tell me the letter and how to pronounce this.


Can you kindly provide word-examples using these vowels 8th and 9th ? One person has requested for the use of two consonants here under. I believe , the first one, ie. the 5th consonant in Ka- varga is used in Saarnga along with the 3rd consonant in K-varga. Exactly similar is the situation in the second doubt raised by the person concerned. Example- Anjali. the nja part is a combination of 5th and 3rd consonant in cha- varga.


I have only finished cpying the leters of the alpahbet and i´m having so much fun.
Thank you.

Alphabets etc

So thrilling to learn Sanskrit, the language dearest to my heart ! Thanks Atri