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Let us try to learn how to use simple words, by using them in simple sentences.


Word Meaning Pronunciation Example sentence Translation How to read Audio Comment
मम my mama मम नाम शिवः। My name is Shiva mama naama shivaH [swf file=""] naama = name
भवतः your (masculine) bhavataH भवतः नाम किम्?(पुरुषम् अधिकृत्य) What is your name? (Masculine) bhavataH naama kim?   kim=what
भवत्याः your (feminine) bhavatyaH भवत्याः नाम किम्?(स्त्रीम् अधिकृत्य)                                  What is your name? (Feminine) bhavatyaH naama kim?    
सः He saH सः गणेशः He is Ganesh saH ganeshaH   saH = He
सा She saa सा माला She is Mala saa maalaa   saa = She
तत् That tat तत् पुस्तकम् That is Book tat pustakam   tat = That


So we have learnt how to speak very simple sentences in Sanskrit. See, it is not hard at all! For all the introductory lessons, we will aim to provide the pronunciation both in English alphabets as well as in audio. That way you would not have to get intimidated by the prospect of learning a new alphabet to begin with. To begin with, focus will be on learning the words, making simple sentences and learning simple rules of grammar.