Sanskrit Numbers From 61 to 80


Let us learn how to say numbers starting from sixty one to 80 in Sanskrit. Again, the same rule follows. We know that Sixty is shashtihi and further numbers would be just adding prefixes one- two- ( ekam- dve- ) and so on.


61. Sixty one एकषष्टिः (ekashashtihi)


62. Sixty two द्विषष्टिः (dvishashtihi)


63. Sixty three त्रिषष्टिः (trishashtihi)


64. Sixty four चतुःषष्टिः (chatuhushashtihi)


65. Sixty five पञ्चषष्टिः (panchashashtihi) 


66. Sixty six षट्षष्टिः (shatshashtihi)


67. Sixty seven सप्तषष्टिः (saptashashtihi)


68. Sixty eight अष्टषष्टिः (ashtashashtihi)


69. Sixty nine नवषष्टिः (navashashtihi)


70. Seventy सप्ततिः (saptatihi)



Now apply the same rule for numbers beyond Seventy (saptatihi), till eighty (asheetihi). Add the prefixes. Right, you know that!



71. Seventy one एकसप्ततिः (ekasaptatihi)


72. Seventy two द्विसप्ततिः (dvisaptatihi)


73. Seventy three त्रिसप्ततिः (trisaptatihi)


74. Seventy four चतुःसप्ततिः (chatuhusaptatihi)


75. Seventy five पञ्चसप्ततिः (panchasaptatihi) 


76. Seventy six षट्सप्ततिः (shatsaptatihi)


77. Seventy seven सप्तसप्ततिः (saptasaptatihi) 


78. Seventy eight अष्टसप्ततिः (ashtasaptatihi)


79. Seventy nine नवसप्ततिः (navasaptatihi)


80. Eighty अशीतिः (asheetihi)


We are done till eighty. In the next lesson we will be completing counting numbers till 100 and then we are done with it!


Pronunciation of 70 is Saptatih

The correct pronunciation of 70 सप्ततिः should be SAPTATIH but it is written as Saptatihi which makes visarg as hi.


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