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Sanskrit Numbers From 21 to 40


Now that we are ready to learn further numbers, aren't we? We stopped at twenty in our last lesson. That was vimshatihi, isn't it? Now it's pretty simple. You just add one to nine as prefix to vimshatihi, which goes like,


21. Twenty one एकविंशतिः (ekavimshatihi)


22. Twenty two द्वाविंशतिः (dvaavimshathi)


23. Twenty three त्रयोविंशतिः (trayovimshatihi)


24. Twenty four चतुर्विंशतिः (chaturvimshatihi)


25. Twenty five पञ्चविंशतिः (panchavimshatihi)


26. Twenty six षड्विंशतिः (shadvimshatihi)


27. Twenty seven सप्तविंशतिः (saptavimshatihi)


28. Twenty eight अष्टाविंशतिः (ashtaavimshatihi)


29. Twenty nine नवविंशतिः (navavimshatihi)


30. Thirty त्रिंशत् (trimshat)



Alright. We have now reached Thirty, which is trimshat. The same rule again follows to go further! One to nine as prefix to trimshat.



31. Thirty one एकत्रिंशत् (ekatrimshat)


32. Thirty two द्वात्रिंशत् (dvaatrimshat)


33. Thirty three त्रयस्त्रिंशत् (trayastrimshat)


34. Thirty four चतुस्त्रिंशत् (chatustrimshat)


35. Thirty five पञ्चत्रिंशत् (panchatrimshat)


36. Thirty six षट्त्रिंशत् (shat-trimshat)


37. Thirty seven सप्तत्रिंशत् (saptatrimshat)


38. Thirty eight अष्टत्रिंशत् (ashtatrimshat)


39. Thirty nine नवत्रिंशत् (navatrimshat)


40. Forty चत्वारिंशत् (chatvaarimshat)


Now, if you have got doubts for example, why dvaavimshathi(22) and dvaatrimshat(32) are this way as opposed to dve-vimshathi and dve-trimshat, you need to go to Samndhi section. That section explains why dve-vimshathi or dve-trimmshat become dvaavimshathi or dvaatrimshathi when it becomes single word.


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