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Counting numbers and time

In this lesson, we learn counting the numbers in Sanskrit, from zero to hundred. We also learn how to tell time.


brahmacharin (not verified)

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I would say

dvasahasra = 2000 (Sahasra as in sahasranama "The thousand names")

saptatih = 70



I hope you can follow without the proper devanaagari fonts (I am also interpolating, I have been looking for something similar too but cannot get an answer.  Hopefully someone could correct this if it is incorrect...)

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Guest (not verified)

how i write in sanskrit langauge 2070 in word not in numeric and 1935 also

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Guest (not verified)

super than any thing
this website is very useful for cbse students

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Guest (not verified)

i am in class 8 and it was very useful to me
i will like learn sanskrit online on FB.


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pramodrai (not verified)

Great website for all those who are interested to learn Sanskrit. Congratulations to Vidhadhar and team !!
Please fix the link "" it leads nowhere.
You might be missing many who are interested to learn.

Also, please educate us how are the usage of comma and other symbols of English are replaced whilw writing in English.

Thank you!

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