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Some simple sentences -2

Here let us try to make some more simple sentences. Let's try to ask simple questions using the word 'when' and try to use simple sentences to answer them. The word 'kadaa (कदा) ' gives the meaning when.

Let's say you would like to ask when does Alex go? That would be,
'Alexaha kadaa gachchati? (अलेक्षः कदा गच्छति )?'

Some simple sentences -1

Let us start with  a few simple sentences with simple verbs and subjects. Verb changes with the form of the subject. In Sanskrit, the root form of a verb is called dhatu. For example the root for the verb read is 'path (पठ्)'.

Some simple sentences -3

We often use in our sentences words like today, tomorrow and day after tomorrow whenever we referring to a day. So, let us try to learn such kind of words in Sanskrit.

Let us start with simple ones. Let us say you want to say, today is friday. That would be in Sanskrit 'adya shukravaasaraha अद्य शुक्रवासरः' where, adya (अद्य) means today and shukravaasarha (शुक्रवासरः) means Friday.

How about saying tomorrow is saturday? Of course it has to be saturday tomorrow if it is Friday today!

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